‎”Any dream will do; you just need one.” -Hamish Bowles

by lostindrawers

First and foremost, it’s Palm Sunday.  It is an important day for our faith as Christians, celebrating the day Jesus entered into the capital city of Jerusalem.  It was a symbol of celebration, of change, that everything was going to be made right in the world.  We remember so we can be a couple who lives out love every day.

Speaking of celebration, we were excited to have our family in town.  We had a great time, as they haven’t been here in a while to see their daughter.  We relaxed, caught up, and ate some great food (including Chuy’s again).  Family is important, it has to come ahead of everything.

We finished the weekend out at the gardens, as the wind had died down after blowing all weekend and the sun was beautiful.  I NEVER wear yellow….like yellow yellow, a mustard yellow of course. But this yellow white scalloped collared vintage dress caught my eye and it was ideal for a day out with family.