Hot Child in the City

by lostindrawers

Today was a blast from the past.  The weather decided to cooperate and the family was in town so what better way to spend an afternoon that with fried food (corn dogs, frozen lemonade, and cotton candy), stomach dropping rides and stuffed animals the size of people?!  We made the trek to Six Flags Over Texas, where we were confronted by a good number of people, a lot of jorts (jean shorts) and our perceptions.  Six Flags seemed so much bigger and brighter when we were kids.  It seemed like the best thing on the planet – unless of course, you had been to Disneyland/world.  The truth is, it is smaller a little faded – but still very fun.  Adequate rides, Heather’s mom’s shoes breaking, excellent fried food and short lines led to a day were our family could be together, have fun and touch base with some of the best parts of growing up.

p.s. My mother and I apparently both love striped shirts…at least we knew where each other were in a crowd. -Heather