by lostindrawers

Back to real life, no more fancy hotel with its fancy hotel jellies and fancy room service. The Liles’ laundry and dishes won’t do themselves, now will they?  BUT Beauty and the Beast at Bass Hall  is on Easter Sunday and saying we are excited is an understatement.  This is Bo’s first storybook type musical, and I think we have had our outfits picked out for like a month. Needless to say, this weekend can’t come soon enough.  It will be fun to geek out (as we always do) and sing every line of every song…and have your husband sing along.

But it is still Monday and all I wanted was a pink cake..I CRAVED a pink cake…I have to get my hands on a pink cake!  So crazy! I also wore this vintage dress, the kind of dress you have to style a little differently, so it doesn’t look like a giant muumuu.  When I picked it up, I was sold on it, as I love the print and the bow tie in the front.  And it never fails that when we go to take a little outfit shot at home in our backyard, Emory doesn’t want to leave my side. Go figure!

Outfit Details: Dress-Vintage, hat-vintage husbands , shoes-vintage