Rock in my shoe

by lostindrawers

When you find a pile of rocks…you pull over!  You always keep a camera and a husband nearby, too.  Speaking of this picture…all right, my legs are not warped, I’m wearing sheer polka dot tights. Which are perfect for this imperfect Texas weather. I don’t think I’ve taken this floral skirt off and I finally got this rat’s nest taken care of. So a very busy busy Thursday of errands and tasks.  We are also starting to plan our adventure to The Grand Hotel. So, I’ll have a long while to plan accordingly and look for many a tea dresses and Bo outfits and mustache wax for his bicycle rides around the island.  We are just working for the weekend…and the future.

Happy Thursday from the Liles Household!

Outfit Details: cardigan-Target, sweater-Buffalo Exchange, shoes-Target. skirt-Urban,