by lostindrawers

There is a point in anyone’s life where you find yourself in the position wondering about the point to all this.  What is the point?  We all wake up some days and don’t want to get out of bed.  We want the world to make sense, to have some order, to actually work in our favor once in a while.  We crave a sense of justice, but our definition of it is more legalese than truth.  Our culture is more connected, more interconnected, more technologically advanced than ever…and more desperate for something more.  We still call in sick, because we need days away from the grind of someone else’s definition of success for our lives.  We edit ourselves in our profiles to maximize the numbers of Facebook friends and Twitter followers…and we still spend more on therapy and drugs (of all types) than any other culture in the world.  The truth is…we are lacking hope.

And what is hope, really?  It is the yearning in our souls for something more than what this world offers us on the surface.  It is Easter and our culture desperately tries to push bunnies and pastels on us – but they don’t push hope.  So, what does Easter really mean?  Our faith isn’t something we hold up as a status symbol as a couple, but it is our anchor below the surface grounding us in hope.  The idea that this Jew from a small (middle class) town could usher hope into reality by proving that love is truly more powerful than death.  Death is not the end, love can show us that heaven is asking us to participate in a better life now and say that Jesus’ life and death and resurrection shows that there is always a better better way.  That’s hope.