by lostindrawers

The week is almost to a glorious weekend.  So it was a day for stars and octopuses and knit skirts.  When the weather decides to cooperate Texas can be really really great.  So great that we were inspired to try Brix Pizzeria & Wine Bar.  Despite the plastic soda glasses, the pizza was absolutely amazing…honestly you haven’t had pizza until you have had wood fired pizza.  Make that pizza topped with fontina, feta, sun-dried tomatoes and prosciutto.  And to top it off why not a chocolate chip cannoli ? Why yes, yes we can! DO it, we won’t tell.  We highly recommend it.  And if the day couldn’t get any sweeter, we found some lovely plates at Anthropologie for a even lovelier price.  $ 3.95! And Emory approved.  Well, these pictures prove that he approves with his cuteness. A lovely day as the sun set in Fort Worth.

Cheers to the weekend!

Outfit Details: star print top-Asos, beige skirt-Urban Outfitters, shoes-Target