Lost in Drawers

Month: May, 2011

Blue Tulip

There have been a lot of comments made to me and Bo about our adventures.  I think there is a question if that is all we do.  We love to go and do, because we love to to share and get people excited about what is happening in our area of Texas.  We want you to go to these places, enjoy life and find your own adventures.  The reality I think is it is really easy to get married (or not) and stay home a lot, sitting on the couch, watching many episodes of (in our case) Miss Marple on PBS, hang out on the internet and watch mind numbing TV.  These are things we do a lot of and go undocumented on our blog. And why?  Because much of those things are boring.  Truth be told, we have many many boring days, something I think is OK.  We need those moments to appreciate the fun, full days of adventure.

I’m not sure if its been said here before or not but I am actually unemployed right now (other than a few freelance stylist jobs).  Coming off of working every day for most of my young adult life, my last job put me in a very deep depression and I swore I would never allow myself to be in that place again.  My job right now is taking the steps necessary to channel my creativity and passion into my own business.  Which is hard and scary and comes with it’s own struggles. Our future business plans are something we don’t talk about much here because I think we don’t wan to jinx it.  Life is not all about the fun and adventure.  It is also about overcoming struggle, and putting your heart and soul into what you are passionate about…being true to yourself and being honest about who you are and where you want to go.

P.S. We did a lot over Memorial Day weekend and if you are ever in Las Colinas area, there is a little area along the Omni Mandalay hotel canal. Go, its full of restaurants and good people watching and just a really pretty area. And Emory seems to be a very big fan of the piano lately.


Through an Open Door

It’s easy to edit your life.  It’s easy to choose your spots and display the pretty while you hide the rubbish in the back corners of your heart.  And it is easy to be vague, cryptic and distant in relation to the truth about who you are and what you have are and will go through.  We started this blog to share our lives, to share what we love and to begin to live as authentically as we could.  That being said, life is not all cupcakes and ivy-covered walls which frame our silhouettes in the sunlight.  We have problems, we have and are going through a lot.  It’s hard to look around and know that there are assumptions about who you are as a couple.  The side people think they see on the internet begins to paint a one-dimensional picture in their mind of who you are.  It’s not fair to be judged and put to the side because people are evidently intimidated (in one way or another (by their own perceptions of who you are and how you try to live your life.  No one is made up of just one thing, or just a particular side you see of them.  As human beings, we are so much more than we give each other credit for.

We have been on a journey as a couple to grow and change in a way that would lead us into the dream of God for our lives.  This journey is filled with pitfalls, mistakes, successes and new found hope.  It will lead you to both doubt and hope in people.  It is filled with decisions, some easy and some born of time experience and struggle.  We have been attending my home church for some time now, for a good part of our young marriage.  We came into this particular faith community after helping in a small church plant which was of the emergent and post-modern variety.  My home church is a thriving non-denominational church that comes from pentecostal roots.  A family church toggling between tradition/familiar traditions and the things one sees in any contemporary church in today’s world.  We jumped in and soon found ourselves over the young adult ministry.  The dynamic was one familiar to myself but not to Heather.  The ministry aspect was limited in scope but we hope that whoever who came received something with depth and dimension to it.  Our family is there at the church and the weekends fell into line with a certain rhythm.

But sometimes the rhythm of your life is moving at a different cadence that the world you’ve created around it.  Putting aside the frustrations along the way, we have increasingly found ourselves in the position of moving to the left when the church we have been in are moving (and rightly so) to the right.  This divergence in paths is never easy, it never clean in break and never simple.  There is no one thing that we can point to as an emphasis of blame or reason.  The Spirit seemed to say that by word and deed that we should move in a direction that guides us into lockstep with what we believe one anything and for definitely about anything.  We prayed and we talked and we meditated and we made this decision…that we would go forge our own path, without the long shadows of prolonged assumptions about who we are and what we do, that we would seek our own way and that way would take us away from the communal life of my home church.  It is not a decision without a great deal of thought and time.  Simply something that we must do for our spirits, hearts heads and relationship.  With hopes for the growth of our capacity for the kingdom of God, hope for family ties to strengthen and to find that which aligns with our beliefs and needs in relation to community.  We pray blessings over my home church – may you be more that what you now are, fulfilling your calling as a community.  We hope that in turn we may receive the perspective that releases us in a way that is full of hope rather than confusion or despair.

Sometimes to embrace that which you are to become, you have to step out and risk…we are moving in a direction of challenge that will test us in spirit and make demands of us. We hope that we will stay true to who we are, making choices that move us forward and help us to celebrate our true selves which when seen fully represent what we hope our lives to be: full of faith hope love truth and beauty.  We hope the same for all of you as well.

Bo and Heather

Lets dance in the ash of the big chimneys

It seems just when the grind of life from week to week and month to month is about to overtake you, a holiday arrives!  Memorial Day weekend is a time to reflect on how blessed we are and to see family.  Heather’s family came up from east Texas and it was a pleasure to spend time with them.  After church and lunch with Liles family, the order of the day was to hit the (wind swept) patio Sunday evening for blueberry Italian cream sodas, chicken alfredo flat-bread followed by nightcaps of frozen strawberry lemonades and a free room courtesy of Heather’s mom and the staff at the Omni Mandalay in Las Colinas!  Emory was in heaven with miles of carpet to run around on and we were in heaven because of the king sized bed made of clouds and unicorn tears.  Needless to say, to wake up to sunshine and burgers poolside.  Here’s to that “buck-o-five.”

On Receiving a Curious Shell

What is it about vintage clothing?  Maybe it’s the idea of dressing up in great outfits, playing a character from another era.  Or maybe I just really really really love the clothing itself…the details in the craftsmanship, the smell of multiple decades past, the cut of cloth that signifies the era in question and the pure originality of each piece.  I think we all wish to be a little different to stand out and be ourselves and I think there is something unique in finding a vintage dress or top that works for you.  It’s a thrill that a whole rack of the same skirt cannot duplicate.  Here is such an outfit, a dress and petticoat from the 50’s that we got from our good friend Junker Val who just seems to get what we are looking for.  Combine that with a husband in a bow-tie and puppy in tow and you have a lovely old fashioned Sunday afternoon.

Outfit Details: vintage dress- Junker Val, petticoat- Junker Val, shoes-Buffalo Exchange

Can’t you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue

It’s rare that Bo will declare mid-meal that a restaurant in this case Jinbeh is a shoe-in for our top ten restaurants in the DFW area.  We have fallen in love with Japanese food.  When you go for the simple dishes you cannot go wrong!  Chicken Yakatori white and fried rice, Beef Sashimi and the Japanese version of fried chicken.  Between the miso soup, the sushi and the best teriyaki sauce either of us has ever tasted.  No joke..the environment of sitting at low tables shoes removed and nearby the semi private dining are and the great service makes this the place to be for a diverse Japanese and Asian menu.  Throw in the family, and that’s a nifty Saturday night folks!

Don’t trust the carnies on Fridays

Hey guys!  Wanna know what the Liles have been up to?  Well you see we got it all wrong, as my parents are coming in on Saturday and not Friday.  So we had to scrap our plans and get a whole new plan. The fly by the seat of your pants plan, so to speak. We had some delicious BBQ sandwich specials, decided to go to a parking lot fair where we saw scary carnies who call ya “boy,” but the highlight was having the pleasure of visiting our friend Valerie, otherwise know as Junker Val.

We have been big fans of her from the flea market days and we had the pleasure of picking up some lovely items tonight.  She can get anything, we think, and so if you ever need a great piece of furniture or art or anything else  you gotta ask Val.  Needless to say we worked for the weekend and it came just in time.

Outfit Details: striped shirt- xx1, skirt-xx1, booties-Buffalo Exchange

Miu Miu Fall 2011

Now this isn’t just my blog, it is me and the husbs blog. BUT these Fall 2011 Miu Miu shoes are just too too too good to not be seen! I think even Bo would approve. Like little cupcakes for your feet!

Hold me for the pops and clicks

It’s almost the weekend!  My parents are coming into town, which means Hotel time, swimming time, and always yummy food. It’s one of our favorite things we’ve experienced.  Speaking of favorite things I love this skirt…it’s sheer and vintage and just the right length.  Combine it with a Levis’ denim jacket which can never get old, and freshly cut bangs.  Even better throw in my new try-at-home Warby Parker frames and a purple wall you have an outfit post.  Speaking of purple walls and other things, if only you knew the stories behind the locations used for outfit posts. From the number of times we have gotten in trouble, to lighting issues, to weather issues, to pedestrian issues.. it seems that rogue shots are usually hard and yet hilarious all at the same time.  The fun for us is that as we drive through the city and absorb sights and sounds, we find so many little nooks and alleyways and hidden forests.  We have the unique opportunity to both have these places tucked away in our minds and still share them with you here on Lost In Drawers.


Outfit Details: Denim Jacket-Buffalo Exchange, V-Neck Shirt-xx1, Vintage Skirt-Goodwill

Easel Aint Easy

We’ve been Easel’d!  We wanted to let you know about the wonderful talents of Breena Wiederhoeft, who can be found at the wonderful website Easel Aint Easy and who gave us the opportunity to be participants in her illustration project, as seen above.  She is a cartoonist, an illustrator, painter and all around talent.  Check out her work, spread the word and go buy her graphic novel this summer!

How to make Bunting from Vintage Books

I admit it, I Heather, am a HUGE fan of bunting. I google it, etsy it, and have it all around our house. I found this (amazing) tutorial on TwoandSix blog. Bunting! Vintage! Books! Of course I squealed with gleeeeee! I haven’t made it yet..I do have a sewing machine and HAVE to as soon as possible.

Trim the edges off the page.  My page measures 4 1/2 inches wide x the height of the original page.
 Measure 2 1/4 inches along the bottom, mark and cut from this centre point to the top corners to form a triangle.

 Fold over top edge 1 inch.
 Trim off the little overhanging pieces.

Cut your length of string (mine is 4 metres long).  I work from the middle out, so measure 2 metres and start from here.  Lay sting in folded crease and apply a small blob of craft glue.  This will prevent your flags from sliding around.
 Secure with a paper clip for a minute or so, allowing glue to dry.
 Repeat with the rest of your paper flags.  I have 15 flags per bunting with 2 1/2 inch spaces between each one.

Now machine sew across each flag using a nice straight stitch.  I sew 1/4 inch in from the edge.  I also leave some nice ‘flyaway’ lengths of cotton each end!