Blog Love in the Panther City: Fort Worth that is-Part 2

by lostindrawers

As proud residents of Fort Worth,Texas we are always keeping an eye out for things that interesting, things that are exciting, things that are simply good.  Therefore, we always want to give love to the people in the Fort Worth (and DFW) area who are making life online and life in our city extraordinary.  Here are some of our favorites. (Mostly Fashion/Style bloggers this time around!) Thanks to the Style Bloggers Map: chchchcheck them out!


Engineered Style: Fort Worth, Texas 

“So good to have you here! I’m Jenni. I’m originally a Northern girl (Michigander to be exact) and am currently residing in Texas. Husband is John. He’s the magic behind the blog–taking photos and fixing things when I get frustrated. We’re both engineers and thus like order, logic, and spreadsheets. I started this blog because I wanted to explore my own style further–in clothing, home and life. I work for a construction company on large jobsites, which makes skirts, heels, and frills inaccessible during the work week. You’ll notice that I love jeans and khakis, since it’s probably going to get dirty at some point during the day. I hope this blog helps you explore your own style further and that you’ll join me as I find new ways to re-engineer my style.”

Rosy and Tart: Fort Worth, Texas

“Oh heeeey, y’all. I’m Julie, but I’ll answer to pretty much whatever name you yell in my general direction. I’m a 30-year-old marketing professional who loves college football, car dancing to the most obnoxious tunes and lovingly annoying her husband on a daily basis. I’ve become a master at starting DIY projects and subsequently growing the most amazing pile of dust on each one as they sit unfinished. I read at least 4 books at any given time and used to make fun of people who watched any version of the Real Housewives…. until I got hooked on pretty much every single one of them. I’m married to the incredibly patient Mr. Brett and no, we don’t have kids. But I do have an herb garden, if that helps.”

Personality of Meh:  Arlington, TX

“I’m a 24-year-old who’s in the process of figuring out what I want from life post college. For a while I felt like I was wandering around aimlessly unsure of what to do, but now, nearly two years later after graduating, I feel like I’m gaining a better sense of who I am. I started this blog to chronicle the things I wear, cook, and  make and hopefully sort out what I do and do not like. I like to think of blogging as a step in the process of making myself a more introspective person.”

Splendiferous Inclinations: Irving, TX

“I’m a fashion-loving girl in my early twenties, and I make it my mission to snag deals with every shopping trip. I’m a firm believer that fashion should be accessible – you can be fashionable on any budget.  Having super style does not necessarily equate with having a stacked pocketbook. You can often catch me at the local Goodwill looking to snag some vintage finds, perusing through sale and clearance racks, or making my way through the aisles of TJ Maxx or Ross.  I’m a down-to-earth girl with a normal gal’s budget, and I don’t pretend otherwise.  I love getting dressed every day, and I take pride in knowing that I love how I look – and I didn’t have to lay down some fat cash for my outfit. As far as style goes, I have a lot of inspiration sources, and I like experimenting with what I wear.  I feel like I’m too young for a “signature” style.  I want to enjoy my younger years and wear all sorts of things just because they make me feel good.  Don’t be surprised if you see me donning a frilly, feminine dress one day and jeans, boots, and an over-sized sweater the next.  I’m growing in who I am, and I feel no need to rush the process. This blog is my creative outlet, where I can feature my personal style and other splendid musings.
Outside of fashion, I’m a certified nerd attending grad school with the hopes of being a professor someday.  I reside in the DFW area, where I live with my wonderfully amazing husband Caleb and our adorable pup June.  Life is good.”

Cheap Girl in a Cheap World: Plano, Texas

“A student who lusts over Lanvin but shops at Target. This is to exhibit the good, the bad, and the funky of my journey of growing in my personal style.”