by lostindrawers

We have our very own little back yard stoop. Now, it may not be a brownstone stoop or a San Francisco stoop. But it’s our stoop. We had a cool and calm Friday afternoon and night in our neck of the woods. We decided that the Fort Worth Mayfest corny dogs, various fried treats and turkey legs will just have to wait until tomorrow. We will venture out with the crowds, so you must know we really want our yummy treats. For example, we are constantly on the search for the perfect frozen lemonade. These things mater when it comes to summer in Texas.  We are food nerds..what can we say.

So, I’m off to make our game plan and list on what to tackle tomorrow. Oh, and I should probably take off these shoes at this point.  I have worn them constantly recently. I think Bo is tired of seeing them (Bo: “no, I am not”).  Ha like he even looks at my feet (Bo: “Yes, I do”).  Summer is approaching, Bo is gardening and working in the lawn and plans are getting made.  Now off to make our list of goodies….fried oreo, anyone?

Outfit Details: cardigan-xx1, vintage tank blouse-Fort Worth Flea Market, dress/skirt: Thrift Store East Texas, shoes-Target