mommy, mother, mama, mummy, mère, madre, moder

by lostindrawers

To my mother, Nancy Elizabeth Brooks:

You truly are the most beautiful, authentic, passionate, and strongest woman I know.   You have a knack for creating memories that stand apart in our hearts.  You listen openly, plan with abandon, spend time without counting, make and answer countless phone calls, protect like a lioness and truly accept us, your children, for who we are, making us feel apart of your world.  You lead our family, and has cheered all of us (even our more recent addition, Bo Liles) on throughout the years.  You continually shows me grace and unconditional love that sustains me many days.   Thank you for being full of adventure, laughter and impeccable style.  You have shown me how to be a better person. Thank you for being you, deary!  I love you with my life.



Not any length of time goes by without my life intersecting the things only you could have taught me.  There is more to my life because of all the things I picked up as your son.  From the ability to write, to the freedom to be southern and butcher traditional English, to good domestic habits (mostly), to our shared passion – cooking.  I remember helping out in the kitchen, starting with gravy whisking duty to meat carving to letting me take the rains and cook whole meals.  I thank you for the leaving me that part of life.  You are a strong woman, you put up with me and dad for all these years – you deserve a medal for that alone.  I know that being a mom to a son is never easy, but my life is better for the life I lived in the house you made a home.