Blog Love in the Panther City…Fort Worth- Part 3

by lostindrawers

As proud residents of Fort Worth, Texas we are always keeping an eye out for things that interesting, things that are exciting, things that are simply good.  Therefore, we always want to give love to the people in the Fort Worth area who are making life online and life in our city extraordinary. Here are some of our favorites.

Kind An Eco-friendly boutique“: there is something a business who’s ethos is built around kindness.  Erin Waldrep of Kind Boutique has carved out a corner of the online marketplace.  From her blog featuring what she loves to her online store offering clothing – both new and vintage, home and much more that makes us proud to say that our city is risking, is making statements about quality, about history and what is important – sustainability, about values. And that is something to be celebrated. GO GO GO and BUY!