Fleet Foxes-Palladium Ballroom

by lostindrawers

There is something mystical about music.  When it’s not good, it is awful.  But when it’s great, it’s spiritual.  It has the ability to heal, to inspire, to lift and to carry us over to the other side of one of any of life’s turbulent rivers.  We took a night for ourselves, to recharge, to inspire ourselves, to find a modicum of peace in life’s storms – all that to say that we attended the Fleet Foxes/Cave Singers show in Dallas at the Palladium Ballroom.  As much as we love music, and have separately attended many shows…we have only been to a handful of shows together.  Going to shows is different now than it was 10-15 years ago.  It’s a live web event, with attendees constantly updating social medial; it is still full of kids looking for a buzz, legal or otherwise.  The need for showers was also apparent.  Really?  We can’t shower, people?  All jokes aside and  in the middle of all the distractions, we experienced an amazing performance by Robin Pecknold and his band mates in Fleet Foxes.  From the first track to the last, the music built and swooned, rose and fell in beautifully spaced moments of quiet and married technical perfection with pure soul.  It was a beautiful and sweet show by earnest men making music for the world, if the world had a really good record collection to draw inspiration from.  I think we both left feeling better about life in general, the music echoing in our hearts and the result is a life more beautiful.


Outfit Details: dress-Buffalo Exchange, Vintage Jacket-Fort Worth flea market, booties-xx1 lipstick-Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick 657 Fuchsia