First Friday on the Green

by lostindrawers

It’s Friday and no better thing to do than to follow Emory’s lead and don a big bow-tie (his party bow tie) and head over to Near Southside’s First Friday on the Green – held this month on the second Friday due to last week’s Mayfest.  So, what is First Friday?  Well, it’s the first festival type event in our fair city that is dog-friendly as well as bicycle friendly , full of good music (hey Fate Lions, we’re talking to you!), friends (Jennifer and little Lila, and new friends we are talking to you and a lot of people hanging out on a big green lawn enjoying perfect weather.  It was quite the experience, as Emory had never been to a rock show.  But he met some humans and more importantly, some new puppy dog friends.  Magnolia is becoming the area of town that gets it.  The neighborhood is embracing the best things possible in a city and that, my friends, is exciting in more ways than one.  Bravo, Near Southside…we are impressed.

Emory Outfit Details: bow tie-made by heather, Fur-made by God

Heather Outfit Details: dress-present from husband, jacket- Mccart Thrift, booties-xx1, vintage bag- Style Station

Bo Outfit Details: shirt- Buffalo Exchange, jeans-Levis