eastern boys and west end girls

by lostindrawers

You know what’s been on my mind lately?  Babies, babies, our Disney world trip in the Fall, crazy flash mob dreams,a bang trim finding the perfect frozen lemonade, trying to find activities to keep us busy during the summer months, and more babies.  No but really is everybody in the world pregnant?  Do I notice it more because we don’t have children? I LOVE LOVE LOVE children and pray we have a little sweet, healthy, beautiful one and don’t begrudge people their babies!  Is this subject taboo?  Why do I feel like less of myself because we don’t have children, yet?  Everywhere we turn things we want to do are centered around kids and families. We want to go to petting zoos, we want to go to the Science and Nature museums and the list goes on.  It’s probably more apparent because Bo is in his 30s and I am in my later 20s and people seem to make it seem as if there is something wrong if you don’t have 2.5 kids by the time you reach 30.  Who makes these rules and who says we have to follow them? We have several friends with absolutely adorable children…but I think people who don’t cave to others timetables and ideas when it comes to kids are the happiest parents.  Have kids when you are ready, love them deeply and I feel the world bends just a little more in your direction. (And I’m sure all of this will change when we become parents!)

……And this was an outfit post…how did I get off topic. This boater is so hard to wear, and I think I have worn it twice. Notice Emory’s little puppy face is going away. *tear*  He will be 10 months next month, where does the time go!  I’ll leave you with this, I LOVE children, I LOVE other peoples children! Could there be anymore questions in this post?


Outfit Details: boater hat-from husband, sweater-Target, vintage skirt-Thrift Town, shoes-DSW