There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination

by lostindrawers

A few more weeks until Summer Summer..and we are enjoying this non-Texas weather. The Blooms are, well in full bloom. So beautiful that I just wish I could cut them all and put them in our house. There is something about being surrounded by beautiful things that fill the room with life. I guess that’s why I broke out my floral ankle socks and pale yellow skirt. I’m wrapped up in the BLOOMS!

On another note my husband (the co-author of this blog) is a minister, a point I don’t know if we touched on that before on our blog. Well he is! and tonight he taught his Wednesday Series on what drives us, motivates us…what is our spark?  It really sunk in about how in my life, your life, our lives we are taught to meet or conform to a standard.  It is about commonality but to the point where you just blend in and lose a little bit of yourself.  But the plan for all of us is to find that thing that drives us that motivates our passions and leads to action.  The spark is what makes us unique and also can help us to appreciate others for their own passion and drive. (something we strive to do) Wanting to become more than just a blogger, but to put ALL the things I love into action and create a life that I can look back on one day and say that I followed my heart and let my spark become something so much brighter.


Outfit Details: blouse-Gap, Skirt-xx1, socks-Gap Body, platforms-Target