Free Voice

by lostindrawers

This weekend we truly unplugged from the digital world, opting to spend time together, cruise the neighborhood garage sales finding a few choice items, and spending the afternoon in a most casual manner.  We decided that an evening bike ride would be a perfect way to end the day, so we strapped Emory into his basket and took off to explore the neighborhood a little deeper.  Everything was lovely, if not a little humid, until a certain puppy decided he thought it would be a more exciting idea to take a swan dive out of his cozy basket…luckily Heather evidently has superhero-like reflexes and saved him from hanging himself by his harness precariously close to the spinning spokes.

One thrown bike by me and a stop to catch our breath later, we decided the weekend needed much more relaxation.  Today has been full of spoiling, from cobbler to cinnamon rolls for us and cheese treats and dental chews for him, it was the weekend and all.