and we don’t care about the old folks talkin’ ’bout the old style too

by lostindrawers

Do you buy ever things you love in every color?  I sure do, and then wear it over and over. That’s the case with this cardigan. It’s from Target and was, what, $4?  You can’t really say no to that.  Years ago I use to wear things once or twice and then get rid of them.  So wasteful! Oh man, I have reformed my ways.  I know that I love to see gals/fellows wear things many, many different ways.  For example these are booties I bought Saturday for quite the deal and haven’t taken them off since!  Even in my sleeping!  So buy thing you love but not just love because they strike your eye but because when they strike your eye you can imagine them being worn and used over and over in unique and interesting ways. Just my two cents of knowledge for the  day!

Also Monday meant the summer search for the perfect root beer float continued…I seem to be very picky about the proper amount of  fizziness and the quality ice cream. It’s sad to say a certain popular “America’s Drive-In” food place has been my favorite thus far. Go figure the couple who love all things local would (so far) pick a chain for the iconic float. BUT there are many many more to try.

P.S.  A random side note: when going through back alleys and down side streets…make sure there aren’t creepy parked cars doing nothing which surely means they are up to something.  Just saying.

Outfit Details: shirt- Target, Cardigan- Target, skirt- xx1, Booties- Buffalo Exchange