How to make Bunting from Vintage Books

by lostindrawers

I admit it, I Heather, am a HUGE fan of bunting. I google it, etsy it, and have it all around our house. I found this (amazing) tutorial on TwoandSix blog. Bunting! Vintage! Books! Of course I squealed with gleeeeee! I haven’t made it yet..I do have a sewing machine and HAVE to as soon as possible.

Trim the edges off the page.  My page measures 4 1/2 inches wide x the height of the original page.
 Measure 2 1/4 inches along the bottom, mark and cut from this centre point to the top corners to form a triangle.

 Fold over top edge 1 inch.
 Trim off the little overhanging pieces.

Cut your length of string (mine is 4 metres long).  I work from the middle out, so measure 2 metres and start from here.  Lay sting in folded crease and apply a small blob of craft glue.  This will prevent your flags from sliding around.
 Secure with a paper clip for a minute or so, allowing glue to dry.
 Repeat with the rest of your paper flags.  I have 15 flags per bunting with 2 1/2 inch spaces between each one.

Now machine sew across each flag using a nice straight stitch.  I sew 1/4 inch in from the edge.  I also leave some nice ‘flyaway’ lengths of cotton each end!