Hold me for the pops and clicks

by lostindrawers

It’s almost the weekend!  My parents are coming into town, which means Hotel time, swimming time, and always yummy food. It’s one of our favorite things we’ve experienced.  Speaking of favorite things I love this skirt…it’s sheer and vintage and just the right length.  Combine it with a Levis’ denim jacket which can never get old, and freshly cut bangs.  Even better throw in my new try-at-home Warby Parker frames and a purple wall you have an outfit post.  Speaking of purple walls and other things, if only you knew the stories behind the locations used for outfit posts. From the number of times we have gotten in trouble, to lighting issues, to weather issues, to pedestrian issues.. it seems that rogue shots are usually hard and yet hilarious all at the same time.  The fun for us is that as we drive through the city and absorb sights and sounds, we find so many little nooks and alleyways and hidden forests.  We have the unique opportunity to both have these places tucked away in our minds and still share them with you here on Lost In Drawers.


Outfit Details: Denim Jacket-Buffalo Exchange, V-Neck Shirt-xx1, Vintage Skirt-Goodwill