Don’t trust the carnies on Fridays

by lostindrawers

Hey guys!  Wanna know what the Liles have been up to?  Well you see we got it all wrong, as my parents are coming in on Saturday and not Friday.  So we had to scrap our plans and get a whole new plan. The fly by the seat of your pants plan, so to speak. We had some delicious BBQ sandwich specials, decided to go to a parking lot fair where we saw scary carnies who call ya “boy,” but the highlight was having the pleasure of visiting our friend Valerie, otherwise know as Junker Val.

We have been big fans of her from the flea market days and we had the pleasure of picking up some lovely items tonight.  She can get anything, we think, and so if you ever need a great piece of furniture or art or anything else  you gotta ask Val.  Needless to say we worked for the weekend and it came just in time.

Outfit Details: striped shirt- xx1, skirt-xx1, booties-Buffalo Exchange