On Receiving a Curious Shell

by lostindrawers

What is it about vintage clothing?  Maybe it’s the idea of dressing up in great outfits, playing a character from another era.  Or maybe I just really really really love the clothing itself…the details in the craftsmanship, the smell of multiple decades past, the cut of cloth that signifies the era in question and the pure originality of each piece.  I think we all wish to be a little different to stand out and be ourselves and I think there is something unique in finding a vintage dress or top that works for you.  It’s a thrill that a whole rack of the same skirt cannot duplicate.  Here is such an outfit, a dress and petticoat from the 50’s that we got from our good friend Junker Val who just seems to get what we are looking for.  Combine that with a husband in a bow-tie and puppy in tow and you have a lovely old fashioned Sunday afternoon.

Outfit Details: vintage dress- Junker Val, petticoat- Junker Val, shoes-Buffalo Exchange