Blue Tulip

by lostindrawers

There have been a lot of comments made to me and Bo about our adventures.  I think there is a question if that is all we do.  We love to go and do, because we love to to share and get people excited about what is happening in our area of Texas.  We want you to go to these places, enjoy life and find your own adventures.  The reality I think is it is really easy to get married (or not) and stay home a lot, sitting on the couch, watching many episodes of (in our case) Miss Marple on PBS, hang out on the internet and watch mind numbing TV.  These are things we do a lot of and go undocumented on our blog. And why?  Because much of those things are boring.  Truth be told, we have many many boring days, something I think is OK.  We need those moments to appreciate the fun, full days of adventure.

I’m not sure if its been said here before or not but I am actually unemployed right now (other than a few freelance stylist jobs).  Coming off of working every day for most of my young adult life, my last job put me in a very deep depression and I swore I would never allow myself to be in that place again.  My job right now is taking the steps necessary to channel my creativity and passion into my own business.  Which is hard and scary and comes with it’s own struggles. Our future business plans are something we don’t talk about much here because I think we don’t wan to jinx it.  Life is not all about the fun and adventure.  It is also about overcoming struggle, and putting your heart and soul into what you are passionate about…being true to yourself and being honest about who you are and where you want to go.

P.S. We did a lot over Memorial Day weekend and if you are ever in Las Colinas area, there is a little area along the Omni Mandalay hotel canal. Go, its full of restaurants and good people watching and just a really pretty area. And Emory seems to be a very big fan of the piano lately.