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Month: June, 2011

The Swimsuit: A History of Twentieth-Century Fashion- 1920’s

A letter from us to you, the wider world.

How do you imagine your life?  Is it now what it should be, could be?  Has it changed from last week, last year, last month the last ten years?  There is a lot of voices, blogs, rss/news/tweet-tweet feeds, static noise around us, filling up our heads with so many things that they say we need in our lives.  We need this, we so want that?  But what do we really need?  Inspiration, creativity fulfilled, joy overflowing, a new definition of success?  We need not the (logical) meaning of life, we need a real life…one that eclipses that of the movies and the songbook.  We need honesty, with all its joys and pains.  Though we love style & fashion and pretty things..but those things don’t compose our life all of the time.  Here’s a peek inside the curtains of life house and what’s going on in and around our life.

The truth of the matter is that tonight is the eve of Heather and I meeting for the very first time.  We would both say now that we had no idea what a full color spectrum of experiences we would encounter on this journey these three years later.  Life is a challenge.  Mainly, because the culture is counter to our emotional and spiritual DNA.  We, like any other two human beings, are made for connection, companionship and community with like minded souls.  Our culture is diametrically opposed to this idea of…well, love.  As we fell in love, we began to realize that the world makes living out a life of love difficult.  Lately, the frustration creeps in the gaps and seems of our conversations.

It is hard to find friends.  It is hard to let your guard down when so many situations and environments have fallen to dust in our hands.  We crave crave crave friends, people who complement our emphasis on our faith and our pursuit of deep family bonds.  This seems to be something not so easily obtained when two have become one.  You are perceived in new and different and oft-times confusing (to us at least) ways.  Family relationships grapple with new roles and lines of connection.  And new friends come alongside as much as they can, which is something we are grateful for.  Old friends from the two lives previous take new shapes and forms with varying closeness and distance.  And it takes work, a grace and concentration of will to be kind and love when you are still searching for bonds that will carry us through the days ahead.

We have begun the search in earnest for a church home as we work out the details of our passions and life’s work as a couple.  Moving from one place so that you can seek and grow and bond in new ways is exhausting on a level, but the weeks and months ahead are very important to the way in which the flow of our life will take us, sustain us.  We need that grounding of knowing what our spiritual DNA is and how it informs and shapes our every day life.  We need both the connection and the release.  And that, it seems is what peace is all about.

Have you ever wanted something so bad, it begins to creep into every thought and dream?  Dreams are funny like that…they follow you, asking to be fulfilled.  Starting a business is a lot like that.  It begins to gently tap you on the metaphorical shoulder when you haven’t touched the concept or execution for a few days or a week.  You know you have to do…to see it through and to be more than you are.  It feels like the fulfillment of our business concept is moving in slow motion.  The details need constant attention and development, it sometimes feels like we are out to sea.  But I think that we are learning that with patience and dedication, and the Grace of God we will make it through.

Looking around the world and even our life, we talk often about what it means to be real.  Writing to you in this manner is not about complaints or compliments, cheers or jeers or attention.  It is about saying, hey…we are all citizens of this world, this creation.  You, I, her, he, she, us, them and every one else and I know these two people want to do a better part to be a little more connected.  Connected to making our world a little more loving and kind, to surprise with a wave, a gift or an unexpected smile.  To create a business that gives back while giving us so much more, and to build a life on terms not driven to excess or mediocrity.

To be more than we ever were apart and even more than we are now. To live a real life.

love with all our hearts,

Bo and Heather Liles

(aka these lostindrawers)


How To Weave A Floral Garland Perfect For Summer Weddings, And More

Is this not just the prettiest floral crown you ever did see? Found on the always extraordinary, Refinery 29 website, a very fun and cute Summer D.I.Y project.

Written By: By Connie Wang

“Wearing flowers in your hair looks cheesy 90% of the time, but for those rare occasions where looking like a flower child is appropriate, you’re not going to make any old daisy chain. At the Kanon Organic Vodka Swedish Midsummer’s party on Friday, attendees—including Binki Shapiro, Leigh Lezark, and more—created gorgeous floral headdresses to celebrate the Summer Solstice with the help of NYC florist, Ovando. These look super-romantic and whimsical for a summer wedding, garden party, or beachside fête, and look just as great as decor when air-dried. Check out the step-by-step instructions below!

Binki Shapiro, image by Jeremy Liebman.

To make a circular wreath, you’ll need:
—18 gauge floral wire
—Floral tape
—Floral wire
—Pale green silk ribbon
—Italian ruscus
—1/3-bunch white wax flowers
—1/3-bunch pink wax flowers

1. Measure your floral wire to fit the crown of your head (roughly 23 to 25 inches). Allow roughly one extra inch at both ends of the ring.
2. Wrap both ends inward to create a small loop. Use floral tape to adhere loops. Use a very small strip of light-green silk ribbon to adhere the two loops together in order to form the rounded base of your wreath.
3. Hand-wrap floral tape onto the stem of each of your flowers (wax flowers and stems of Italian ruscus).
4. Use floral tape to adhere flowers to the wire base. The spacing of your flowers may vary, depending on whether you want a plush garden look or a minimalist design.

To make a headband, you’ll need:
—1/4-bunch each white & pink wax flowers
—Italian ruscus
—Floral tape
—Clippers —Pale-green silk ribbon —A headband

1. Tightly wind your pale-green silk ribbon around headband mold. No traces of the mold should be left visible.
2. Weave the Italian ruscus around your headband, end-to-end. Use a small cut of floral wire to fasten the greenery.
3. Clean your flowers and gentle hand-wrap stems with green floral tape.
4. Use floral tape to adhere flowers to the headband. Floral accents will be positioned on top left of the headband.”

2nd photo

Outfit Post

On occasion, vintage dresses can seemingly have all the right details but sadly, it can be one (often overlooked) thing can throw everything off.  This dress is a gem I found at Buffalo Exchange in Dallas.  Everything fit perfectly from the length to the waist, the look was exactly what I was looking for, from the polka dots to the ruffle front.  But that one thing?  The sleeves.  These particular sleeves were big bell sleeves that didn’t work on me at all.  On someone else…they would absolutely work, but my size and body type…I’m petite, and these sleeves overwhelmed me, like clown sleeves taunting me.  So I threw on this lightweight denim jacket over the dress, and despite it being exceptionally hot…it toned the sleeves down.  No more clown sleeves!

Moral of the story or the lesson or the lesson learned so to speak is that vintage clothing isn’t difficult, it can be wearable and it doesn’t have to look like a costume…but it takes a little flexibility and an added touch of imagination to create a non clown dress (on me at least)!

Dress me like a clown,


Pretty Pretties


Matchbook tumblr

On receiving a curious shell, 


Yeh! Yeh!


Some bearded boy, had quite the 2nd birthday weekend…quite the weekend indeed!

Outfit Post

Second outfit post in a week?!  Yes, it seems it’s true…and while it was extremely hot today, I have no idea why I was wearing this vintage cardigan.  Except for that it seems the air condition inside of places is always completely cold, and that I can’t stand it. So, maybe there is a bit of logic for the cardigan? Anyway I digress…this vintage dress is another Goodwill find that I lucked out on..I loved the pattern and the sweep of the skirt and bolstered by the fact that I don’t own a brown dress.  Being that I was in a bit of a 60’s vibe, I decided a poof was on order…not a Snooki poof, but a 1960s poof making note of the difference.

My parents finally got in to town and we got to gallivant with them to all our favorite spots.  I love showing them our city, the best it has to offer. There is something special about revisiting place we love and seeing it through their eyes. I guess more than ever now as the whole house has quieted down, I can truly rest.  I love having my whole family here under one roof. Now if only I can get them to move here permanently!?

Outfit Details: Dress-Goodwill, Cardigan-Goodwill, Platforms-Target

Fort Worth named All-America City for third time

As we have said before, it’s not a surprise that we love our city.  Lately, this blog has increasingly begun to show our readers the best places  in and around Fort Worth.  With the announcement of Fort Worth being named one of the country’s All-American Cities for the THIRD TIME! We had the chance to catch a news story about a remarkable group of kids participating in a street art program entitled W.A.L . or We Are Legal. The group works to turn taggers into artists who paint murals around our beloved city.  They are amazing and here we are proud to show you some of their work.

First Mural: behind Rose Marine Theater
Second Mural: M&K Donuts
Third Mural: Mrs. Boswells Backyard
Fourth Mural: Mi Tiendita

Outfit Post

A Thursday outfit post! I absolutely love this dress, as it’s vintage Esprit that I found at our favorite Fort Worth area Goodwill. It’s probably from the 80’s, but draws inspiration from the 40s? The print is quite delicious.  I love this particular store’s dress rack…I found quite a few gems. And yes, again with my new shoes!  What can I say I get new shoes and literally don’t like taking them off.  While we were at the a fore mentioned Goodwill we spent our late afternoon digging around and found an amazing vintage rolling drink cart and a really old Steve Martin LP that came with a poster with Mr. Martin holding a very large chubby cat!  This might just need to be hung in our home.  Bo is very adamant about this fact.  Speaking of home..we are getting everything in order in anticipation for my parents arrival for Bo’s birthday weekend part deux. It should be an exciting and utterly relaxing weekend.  Here is to every day of this summer bringing more and more to the table.  Life is quite good. Quite good indeed.

Outfit Details: Dress-Goodwil, Shoes-xx1, Belt-Thrifted

The Swimsuit: A History of Twentieth-Century Fashion-1900’s

I have been obsessed with the beach and all things retro and bathing suits. So when I found this book at our local Half Price Books, I was very excited, indeed. Finding the perfect retro inspired swimming suit has been like a treasure hunt. Nowadays it’s all about tribal prints, skimpy skimpy suits and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a two piece bikini, and I LOVE seeing the evolution of the ultra modesty from the 1900s to the bathing suits of today. The book is the best summer read, if you have a chance I would highly recommend you pick it up! To find out more head on down to you local library or bookstore and pick it up! *Reading Rainbow Book Review Music Plays*