by lostindrawers

So many Memorial Day weekend adventures, so little time!  Here is another little gem we packed into a busy weekend.  Heather grew up going to Granbury every summer, going to the lake and eating at Rinky-Tinks.  We decided that a trip to historic Granbury was in order.  We headed over to the town square and Rinky-Tinks.  I am pretty critical about food, but despite the price Rinky-Tinks totally delivered.  A hearty, juicy burger with tangy mustard for Heather and the best B.L.T. I have had in a long time.  Top it off with a root beer float and despite the worn patina, it is a place you should try when in town.  A jaunt around the square brought candy lips and mustache and a mocha granita at The Coffee Grinder and we were off to City Beach.  City Beach is something popping up more in towns with lakes.  Take the best stretch of waterfront, create a beach with tons of sand, add a walkway and taa-daa, City Beach.  Another place you should definitely check out.  It was a quick trip, but Granbury…you’re a-okay. Go here! Enjoy the square! Eat Rinky-Tinks! Stand by a rock wall! We promise you will hava the fun!