Away above the chimney tops

by lostindrawers

Our local Library has the most fabulous summer blooms as summer begins in full force.  This was suppose to be an outfit post, hence the beautiful blooms, but all three of us got a little too silly for any sort of serious pose.  I think we needed that silliness as today was a tricky Sunday.  Things did not want to go as perfect as we would have hoped on such a beautiful day.  A trip to our nearby Japanese Gardens was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, but in the end who cares!  We are happy, healthy, so blessed and I got to wear this 1940’s pale yellow vintage blouse (that you can’t really see due to the Texas sun a-blazin’).  So that’s it, that’s our simple Sunday blog post.  We stood by some lovely trees, went to the library, drowned our sorrows in cheesecake (shared, of course), lifted my self-imposed shopping ban for one day due to my favorite dress getting eaten by our iron.  Was this all blog worthy, probably not but it’s not always glossy with sunshine and flowers everyday!