summer comes to multiply, to multiply!

by lostindrawers

It’s our first official day of summer!  What does summer mean to a (soon to be) 32 year old and a 26 year old?  Well today it meant grilled peaches and cream, antique shopping at a new-to-us antique mall, Trinity Park puppy walking and location scouting, grocery shopping at Sprouts for tasty and nutritious treats and staples, Half-Price Book hunting and buying of great fashion reference books, and last but not least, Mediterranean grilled chicken kabobs, roasted Parmesan and herb potatoes and hummus with grilled tortillas made by Bo.  And despite the failed trying of coconut water experiment the cold classic coke and pineapple made the night just perfect after giving Mister Emory Holden Liles a good bath.  If today is any indication of this summer’s potential, it will be solid…real solid.

Heather Outfit Details: top-xx1, skirt- Anthropologie, platforms-DSW, Alice in Wonderland tote-Cafe Press