Blog Love in the Panther City…Fort Worth- Part 5

by lostindrawers

As proud residents of Fort Worth, Texas we are always keeping an eye out for things that pique our interest, things that are exciting, things that are simply…good.  Therefore, we always want to give love to the people in the Fort Worth area who are making life online and life in our city extraordinary. Here is another of our favorites.

Valerie Arnett, aka Junker Val is an absolute treasure of Fort Worth.  We go to a lot of flea markets, junk shops, estate sales and antique malls and have met a lot of people.  We met Val at her booth over a lace dress that we just had to have.  We have admired her ever since.  From running estate and yard sales of the highest quality to wherever she has a booth, Val is both a kind and good soul and a heck of a junk picker.  She has the eye for everything good.  It makes us want to further hone our own sense of taste and knowledge for those things that are beautiful and worthy of preserving.  So, check out her website, go to her estate sales and meet Val because she will make your day and sell you something you know realize you always needed.