Friday Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

So much to do today in order to get ready for our family photo shoot tomorrow.  All while getting things done with a “broken” back, which has proved unsuccessful thus far.  I stayed up until 5 am last night watching mind numbing TV, in truth searching and hoping that I would find Back to the Future, but alas…nothing.  Today I was feeling like wearing something a bit different, to change things up a bit.  For example, you see those glasses right there?  They are fake!  So, looking at these glasses and knowing that I bought these shorts for the retro flare…I thought hey, why not, I love getting dressed as character sometimes, who doesn’t?  It always reminds me that Bo is great at having a story to go along with outfits, something we dream up together as we adventure about.  Speaking of that ol’ husband of mine, his birthday is next Sunday!  Yikes, he will be 32!  While he has had many a birthday, we have to plan something great for the young chap.  I think lots of cake and sunshine is in order.

This summer is full of adventures on our family calendar, so I guess its time to hop in bed and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure…a 10 am photo shoot with a puppy in tow and some hot, hot, hot weather.

Oy Vey!

Outfit Details: blouse-Love 21, floral shorts-XX1, platforms-Target, socks-Urban Outfitters