i’ve a picture of you on our favorite day by the seaside there’s a bird stealing bread that i brought out from under my nose

by lostindrawers

Living in Texas, conventional wisdom says unless you live down south, you better be willing to drive 6-8 hours to go to the beach.  Unless…you can drive 30 minutes and be on a nice strip of sand overlooking a bay of water with a nice breeze.  Welcome to City Park Beach at Lake Granbury.  We made the trip out southwest of Fort Worth to spend some time soaking up the sun on the sand.  It was a perfect morning and we packed up the car with blankets, sand buckets and snacks and headed out.  We found the sand warm and so much better than expected with adequate space and water, that despite being from the lake rivaled that of Galveston.  Yes, a lake beach was equal with the water in the Gulf of Mexico.  We had a great time, got some sun, built a sandcastle with a moat and lake, and swam with the best of them.  Snacks and waters and drinks and hours later, we headed back home to our little puppy rested, a little sleepy and knowing we will be back to our little beach in the greater Fort Worth area. So pack your sand pail and shovels and get yourself to the beach!