all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by

by lostindrawers

Well, let the birthday festivities continue!  It is always nice to wake up and be able to do anything you’d like.  So, leaving the camera behind for much of the day as to enjoy each other and have a great day.  We pointed the car east and headed over to Dallas for some carousing, browsing and procurement of some clothes and while we were at it, our second trip to In-N-Out Burger.  Heather upgraded to a cheeseburger and we have now sampled the strawberry shake.  Everything was in its right place.  But the day could not progress into evening without a proper root beer float.  Oh, and of course…one must have candy striped paper straws in a tall boy root beer float of the classic IBC/Blue Bell combination.  An amazing day of peace and contentment in life’s simple things.  And it’s not even my birthday birthday yet?  What’s to come? Oh my.


P.S. and at Heather’s request…no she is not she says…the shirt and wind..its all an illusion! ha