8 Weeks to a Better Us

by lostindrawers

As the summer is here and there is a good 8 weeks of quality weather and (hopefully) an increase of free time, we came upon something we really liked over at when of our favorite blogs, Sometimes Sweet.  The idea is something we can all do: 8 Weeks To A Better You.  The concept is simple…slow down, look around our lives and ask ourselves, what are the little things we can do to enrich our lives?


For some it is about embracing a new task, learning a new skill or going to a new place.  For us, it is about the following handful of things.

Three thoughts to a better life:


This is something we feel we all should do more often.  Life is not about having the most, or status symbols galore…it is about making memories and there is no better way to do this than getting out of the house and…well, adventuring.  Don’t think it is complicated or expensive, all it takes is imagination, Google and a basic knowledge of your greater city/town/region.


If you are going to adventure out and about, the memories made deserve to archived.  Whether it is a blog, a digital or instant photograph, a scrapbook, or a journal.  Documenting life is amazingly satisfying, therapeutic and amusing.


This may seem isolated from the others but there is something to trying to practice kindness while living a meaningful life.  The world does not see adventuring and documenting good things as important, because the they don’t understand kindness. But there is something amazing about practicing kindness.

So this week, try being kind, going on a new adventure and be sure to document it along the way.