Birthday Smirthday

by lostindrawers

The actual day of Bo’s birth came and we did everything in our power to make the most of it.  We celebrated Father’s Day as well so we went to church with the family and had a great lunch of gumbo my first experience with delicious crusted bread and ice cream pie.  Then it was back on the road again to City Beach at Lake Granbury, for some sweet clipper ship kite flying attempts and cool water and hot sand.  Top it off with some more  birthday cake and ice cream?  A birthday that was perfectly relaxed and just what the birthday boy wanted: peaceful.  And we get to do it all over again next weekend, when my parents come into town!

I don’t think this boy could be more loved!


P.S. And what would be a blog post with out a little snapshot of our day, we never got that darn ship up in the air, our camera almost fell in the lake and I got very close to getting a football planted in my face due to rambunctious high school boys..but cake and laughter made everything oh so better!