CZ Photography

by lostindrawers

We recently had the chance to work with Claudio Zavala at CZ Photography on a family photo shoot.  CZ Photography is a Fort Worth area start up business that focuses on family and portrait photography.  When you take as many pictures as we do, it becomes apparent after a while what one’s style is and what viewpoint your camera captures.  What is nice about working with someone else is that you get to see another perspective, another way of seeing the world.  Clyde did a really great job of listening to our desires and still keeping his own view.  He got some great shots of Emory and really kept us connected to our city in the photographs.  So, if you are needing some really high quality photography and with a flexible demeanor (top it off with a great pricing structure) please please please go check out CZ Photography.

Photography by CZ Photography.  Styling by Heather Liles.