Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

A Thursday outfit post! I absolutely love this dress, as it’s vintage Esprit that I found at our favorite Fort Worth area Goodwill. It’s probably from the 80’s, but draws inspiration from the 40s? The print is quite delicious.  I love this particular store’s dress rack…I found quite a few gems. And yes, again with my new shoes!  What can I say I get new shoes and literally don’t like taking them off.  While we were at the a fore mentioned Goodwill we spent our late afternoon digging around and found an amazing vintage rolling drink cart and a really old Steve Martin LP that came with a poster with Mr. Martin holding a very large chubby cat!  This might just need to be hung in our home.  Bo is very adamant about this fact.  Speaking of home..we are getting everything in order in anticipation for my parents arrival for Bo’s birthday weekend part deux. It should be an exciting and utterly relaxing weekend.  Here is to every day of this summer bringing more and more to the table.  Life is quite good. Quite good indeed.

Outfit Details: Dress-Goodwil, Shoes-xx1, Belt-Thrifted