Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

Second outfit post in a week?!  Yes, it seems it’s true…and while it was extremely hot today, I have no idea why I was wearing this vintage cardigan.  Except for that it seems the air condition inside of places is always completely cold, and that I can’t stand it. So, maybe there is a bit of logic for the cardigan? Anyway I digress…this vintage dress is another Goodwill find that I lucked out on..I loved the pattern and the sweep of the skirt and bolstered by the fact that I don’t own a brown dress.  Being that I was in a bit of a 60’s vibe, I decided a poof was on order…not a Snooki poof, but a 1960s poof making note of the difference.

My parents finally got in to town and we got to gallivant with them to all our favorite spots.  I love showing them our city, the best it has to offer. There is something special about revisiting place we love and seeing it through their eyes. I guess more than ever now as the whole house has quieted down, I can truly rest.  I love having my whole family here under one roof. Now if only I can get them to move here permanently!?

Outfit Details: Dress-Goodwill, Cardigan-Goodwill, Platforms-Target