Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

On occasion, vintage dresses can seemingly have all the right details but sadly, it can be one (often overlooked) thing can throw everything off.  This dress is a gem I found at Buffalo Exchange in Dallas.  Everything fit perfectly from the length to the waist, the look was exactly what I was looking for, from the polka dots to the ruffle front.  But that one thing?  The sleeves.  These particular sleeves were big bell sleeves that didn’t work on me at all.  On someone else…they would absolutely work, but my size and body type…I’m petite, and these sleeves overwhelmed me, like clown sleeves taunting me.  So I threw on this lightweight denim jacket over the dress, and despite it being exceptionally hot…it toned the sleeves down.  No more clown sleeves!

Moral of the story or the lesson or the lesson learned so to speak is that vintage clothing isn’t difficult, it can be wearable and it doesn’t have to look like a costume…but it takes a little flexibility and an added touch of imagination to create a non clown dress (on me at least)!

Dress me like a clown,