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Month: July, 2011

Outfit Post

What’s in a Saturday agenda? Well, we went to Dallas to finish up our wedding anniversary errands, shop a little, hang out with our dear friend Katie, eat more In-N-Out burgers which all leads to a night of watching the History Channel in bed with Emory at our feet. And since this is indeed an outfit post, I must confess that I am wearing nothing new. It’s probably no surprise to those of you who frequent Lost In Drawers that I am a fan of a vintage hat. I wear this grey one that I procured from my husband…well, a lot.

Dressing in the summer can get really really boring.  Bo and I had nearly an hour long conversation about this today. He expressed how he feels that he is in a summer fashion rut. I reminded him that…duh, it’s hot, we are bound to feel the effects of the extremely hot weather. Because of this, I think my summer wardrobe choices pretty much revolve around one same outfit type.  A vintage, preferably short, skirt; a vintage, preferably thin blouse; and sandals, mostly. Nothing too outrageous, and primarily vintage.  So, there we have it!  I’m very tired of talking about the weather, I’m quite ready for tights, and autumn, glorious fall.  And in this brutal season, I must thank my husband for standing out in the heat to get a few pictures without complaining, and of course we have to thank Mister Emory Holden for sleeping on his back with his paws in the air. (So cute that it hurts) and last but not least…I thank YOU, our dear readers, for taking time out of your day to come to our blog and hear us rant, share, hint and live out this life with you.


Pretty Pretties


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DIY – Button Wall Hanging tutorial

So, I’ve been pretty pumped about this D.I.Y. from our friend Jessica from jessicafreed.tumblr.  Jessica’s Tumblr is a D.I.Y. dream come true. She has so much talent, style and creativity. Things I would never even think of, she actually does them and shares them with all of us!  So, when I first saw that she made this D.I.Y. out of left over buttons a plank and some sweat equity, I wanted to have one too! We will be making this for our home very soon.  Here she explains how she did it.  Thank you Lady Jessica for your time and talent!



  • A wooden plank (easily purchased at any craft store for around 10$. I have a ton of them left over from being center pieces at my wedding last year),
  • A piece of paper with a shape or letter cut out of it (I used my mother’s-in-law cricut for this but you could easily free hand something or print something out on a computer and cut it out, or even if you browse through a nice mag and find something you could use that, be creative my dears),
  • Tape, glue gun, scissors, BUTTONS! I find the best way to get buttons is to go to a salvation army or something of that sort and ask them. I went the other day just to see if this was true and yes, it is. They brought me out 2 jars full of them that were 10$ each.

  • Moving right along, tape your letter or shape to the wooden plank. Try a shape, then let me know how it works please. The cricut has a super cute vespa shape that I’d like to try next, but my husband’s ex band friend is getting hitched in a month and their last name will be Bell so I just went ahead and did a B for now.

  • Ok, now lay some buttons on there. Play around with different sizes and colors etc. Have fun.

  • Then when it looks how you want it to, button by button, hot glue them on. It sounds and looks terribly tedious when you first start, but I’m telling you this is an easy as all get out project. Ok got em all glued down? Let the glue kind of get hard, should only take a min or 2. Then pull your paper off. Slowly as not to disturb any buttons.

  • Now take a step back, if it looks “skinny” in certain spots, use more buttons. I had to do that a lot with the “F” I made last week but not so much with this “B”. And there ya go! You’re done. You can either go buy some sort of hangy backy thing and put it on or do like me and cut a small piece of ribbon and hot glue each end of it to the back for hanging purposes. Do whatever you want. Welp, that’s it. I think next week I’m doing a mirror type wall decor project probably so tune in for that or whatever. OH… look at all the buttons I still have. button button I’ve got the button.

Plant Terrarium and Enclosed Wardian Case Terrarium

I’ve kind of become obsessed with all things terrariums. The Wardian case terrariums are even more beautiful. We seem to kill anything when we put it outside and forget about the terrible Texas summer heat. Bo seems to have developed a black thumb.  The soil here is dry dry dry. So, this might just be the way we get to have our little garden in our home!

How to Make a Simple Terrarium by instructables.com

This instructable is about how to make a simple Terrarium. Making Terrariums can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be but always remember these three things in your design:

1. Base your plants and how many off the container you use
2. Generally, no fertilizer should be used with your soil medium
3. And provide proper drainage

Keeping these ideas in mind will keep your plants healthy throughout their lifetime.

Note: In most cases, fertilizer or compost should not be used unless you want your plants to outgrow and/or overshadow smaller plants in your terrarium. While fertilizer is great with individual potted plants, little ecosystems like terrariums balance themselves out on their own with minimal care.

Spray bottle with filtered water
Dried moss
Pea gravel
Potting soil
Any size container (preferably glass to be able to see your substrate)
House plants ( or native plants, but they can be picky)
**Activated charcoal

**= Optional


You don’t have to use activated charcoal unless you have a sealed container for your Terrarium. If you do, then it’s a must. I am using it in this instructable for demonstration purposes. The charcoal helps keep the water clear of buildup of microorganisms that might grow in your substrate, such as algae and keeps the air clean for your plant to breathe. Besides, who wants a smelly plant in their house?

The type of plants you use can be almost anything, but it ALL depends on the container. If you have a plant that will outgrow your container size, or the environment is not one it can grow in (given time, a cactus will rot in a moist closed container), then you’ll be kicking yourself later. Do research on what your using beforehand and your plants will be all the healthier for it.

In this instructable I used African Violet, Spike Moss, and dwarf Sword Fern.

Credit: ecosalon, exlibris, container-gardening-for-you, apartmenttherapy, thegardenerseden, glasshouseworks.

Outfit Post

It seems the day has brought about another outfit post, but do know I really try to keep these limited. However, I had found this turban at Urban Outfitters piled under many socks and bags in the sale bin. Now I know what you are thinking: a turban? An Aladdin turban as a fashion statement? It began many months ago when I saw a very sweet, super stylish girl who was wearing a red knit turban on  The Sartorialist and I became obsessed with it. I searched and searched for the right one for upwards of a year. Then there it was in the sale bin. It’s been pretty good for those bad hair days, like when the heat takes out your curls and days when I don’t want to wash my hair or a quick trip to the beach to cover up sand hair. And seeing as the that aforementioned heat in Texas, which I think I’ve discussed every post we post, is the Sahara. So the turban is fitting in more ways than one. Why not take it out for a whirl with a floral dress? And, that’s the story on the turban hat.

Now, we have also been asked to name some of mine and Bo’s favorite magazines. We have quite the magazine collection, even getting rid of some, and still having pile after pile. Some at this very second are taking up some room in our dining room chairs as well as a few shelves about the house. Some titles include: Lula, Russh, Anthology, The Gentlewoman, Austrailian Vogue, Australian Bazaar, Australian Instyle, UK Vogue, UK Bazaar, UK Instyle and Vogue to name a few…In additional to cherry picking the best of the fashion magazines, Bo just reads the NYC newspapers & magazines (digital edition), Esquire, Interview, Dwell,  ReadyMade and the occasional Wired.  The inspiration is constant and the affects on our personal styles is worth it. And most can be found at Barnes & Noble, (the soon to be closed) Borders, or any book stand that specializes in unique magazines.

Thank you dear readers for coming to Lost in Drawers, hurry back now!

on a magic carpet ride,


Outfit Details: Turban-Urban Outfitters, Floral Dress- xx1, T-Strap Shoes-Target, Bag-Steve Madden

Grechen Blogs- living, blogging, & surviving online

Bo and I have intrigued with Grechenblogs.com blog. I think we have read practically every article on her blog. She asks really good questions for bloggers for consideration for ways to make blogging in today’s culture…well, better. Blogging is something that has become so mainstream that the sheer amount of blogs out there is overwhelming.  A few are awe-inspiring, many are quite lovely, and most are quite good. So what make a blog good or at least relevant?  This was on my mind as I had a conversation with my mom about our blog, and what content we do put on our blog.  Bo and I do put pictures of ourselves and Emory, we do speak about our love of fashion and personal style, we do share our lives through this medium.  At times, it feels like any blog, ours included, could be perceived in such a way that those blogging are narcissistic or self-absorbed.  We hope that the world would see us differently.

We don’t have everything figured out, our daily life does not exist in a bubble of a perfect world, but our life is a progression of us trying to find pockets of sunshine and hope in an increasingly negative, cynical and selfish world.  The fact is that we really love our puppy, are constantly intrigued by our city and cant help but share.  We want to inspire, communicate and show kindness and hope in what this blog archives and presents to the wider world.

And besides, we really only think that our family read this blog.  Then we realize we have our fingers crossed so that more of you lovely readers will make your way here daily, weekly, or whenever you’d like.  We hope you see the honesty in us, and in turn we can all share a little more of what is good and great and true about life as we know it.

We thank Grechen for asking these questions and keeping the Q&A going through her blog! Go check it out!

Heather & Bo


Anthology Living With Substance & Style

All these images scanned by Lost in Drawers.

Want more amazing images go to Anthology Magazine, and drool and get majorly inspired!

Outfit Post

I’ve got to be honest…I may have worn this outfit several days ago. And…then again today it found its way from the closet to my hand.  I don’t usually wear things so close together, but when ya love something…well, you know. I found this polka dot Topshop dress at Goodwill. It was stuck behind some early 90s getup’s and I got a little pitter patter in my heart when I pulled it out as finding Topshop in the south is fairly rare. Moral of the post, always dig when you go to a thrift store. ALWAYS.  Then dig some more.

Are we tired of seeing my hair in a bun, yet? Yeah me too…but it’s Texas which equals hot, hot, heat. In other news, our car’s computer read the heat index at 111 degrees on the ground?   Needless to say the dog days are here in Texas again.  So the answer is to break out the swimsuits and grab the sprinkler and run a few laps in the backyard to get wet and cool off.  A bike ride to dry off and the evening was off and running towards 99 cent milkshakes and twilight.  The dog days did not win this day!

Love and Polka Dot Dreams,


Undercurrent Leak

Sometimes in your day to day life, you aren’t looking for something and yet it finds you.  This is often the case with people who are doing good and great things on blogs and online sites.  Such is the case with Undercurrent Leak, who found us and in turn we found a blog launched this summer that is clean, interesting and chock full of potential.  Started by Morgan Norris and Chelsea Koressel to seek a way to showcase a new definition of what art is and can be, Undercurrent Leak is a blog to go ahead and bookmark…we are excited to make their acquaintance  and look forward to seeing more from them!

Undercurrent Leak can be found at:


Twitter: http://twitter.com/UndercurrentL

Fort Worth Botanic Conservatory

Hello, Hey, Hi-yah! It’s the middle of the weekend! Say that you need something to do, you just happen to be in Fort Worth and have a $1? Well then, we would have to say to please check the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Conservatory.  There might not be a better way to spend an hour in the city.  Why we had never gone there together is a mystery.  It is truly a beautiful space.  Not very large, but every inch is covered with the prettiest and most unique plants you will ever see in person.  It is misty and humid and every bit as jungle as you could imagine, and in a way the furthest thing from the hot plains of our Texas landscape.  The perfect way to get away from the familiar and experience something unique right here at home.