Happy Anniversary Blog! Two years and going strong

by lostindrawers

730 Days.  Seconds gather into minutes, minutes pile into hours, hours build into days.  And so, this month marks the second anniversary of Lost In Drawers, and we want you to share in our journey as we wrap up 730 days of blogging, with an eye for what we have up our sleeve in the near future.

When we started the blog, the focus was wide open, and in some ways we have tried to always blog in a free flowing manner.  Topics have been all over the spectrum, from our life to fashion, to food, to spirituality, bicycling and all points in between.  In looking back, there isn’t much we’d change, and you should know that Heather is the half of our little trio who does most of the heavy lifting to keep our site updated with new content on a consistent basis.  We hope we have become bookmarked and search history regulars on your browser!

Looking forward, we hope Lost in Drawers will become a hub of sorts, a place hopefully where you can come for inspiration…fashion, lifestyle, food, projects, giveaways, inspiration, street style, activism and spirituality…all through the lens of our life in Fort Worth Texas.  We love our city, we want to show it off…to citizens here and to other cities everywhere for idea and creativity sharing.  We think we have a lot to show you in the days ahead and we are so excited about our opportunities to take Lost In Drawers to the streets.  We are looking to feature everyone and everything that is interesting and important – so look for our lens and notebook where you hang out.  We are trusting that the future is bright, and Lost In Drawers will see new business and commercial opportunities!

So, we thank you so so so so so so soooooooooooooo very much for reading, looking, sharing, caring, giving us feedback and hopefully being honest with us about what you like/love and what can be better.  Lost In Drawers has been ours for 730 days and now we hope to share it with you each and every day. I guess we are officially bloggers, now!


Heather & Bo