Heeeeeeeeeeeey Batter, batter, batter, batter, swing, batter He can’t hit, he can’t hit, he can’t hit, he can’t hit, swing, batter

by lostindrawers

1000 life points if you know what this quote is from?!?! Anyway…we made our first trip to the ballpark to see the Rangers play the Marlins.  Now, baseball is fun but who is that concerned with the game when there is ballpark to be eaten?!  We met up with our friends Derek and Christina to see the game.  Despite the oppressive heat and sunshine for a few innings, we enjoyed sampling hot dogs, cajun fries, peanuts, lemon and cherry chills, cokes, waters (notice the trend?), pizza, pretzels and for Heather …the amazing and wonderful churro.  Nothing better than that.  The game was all about offense and the Rangers won, and the fireworks afterwards were pretty great.  Life is best spent with good friends, and nothing could have been a better start to a three day Holiday weekend!