Dallas Jaunt

by lostindrawers

Today, we had the pleasure of taking our good friend Katie Rios to the Dallas we know and do feel connected to…you know places like Buffalo Exchange, The Libertine, Good Records, Urban Outfitters, the biggest Half Price Books and for the heck of it, Sprinkles Cupcakes.  We do love Fort Worth, but one of the wonderful things about the greater Metroplex area is the ability to be in one of several other cities in the matter of minutes.  Of course and outfit post is in order, it is Saturday and when there are spools on the side of the rode, of course you pull over and take an outfit picture? It was typical Texas heat once again, so I wore this light tank and vintage skirt that was only $5! with tan booties and a Bo braided a fishtail braid to keep the neck cool. HE Braided a fishtail braid! He Googled the instructions and proceeded to braid, he is very talented, that one!

We browsed dresses and shoes, noshed on burgers, street tacos and mac-n-cheese before going to Good Records and we scored this rare re-issue of a classic record from Jane Berkin and Serge Gainsbourg and Katie found a great copy of the classic Gone With The Wind soundtrack.  Urban brought a $7 skirt and Half Price was always good to us and despite some brief wavering by Bo and Katie, a cupcake was had by all.  The sun drained us today, I think we could both sleep for 2 years!

P.S. Bo and Katie WERE with me today, promise!