Fort Worth Stockyards

by lostindrawers

You want to know something? As much as we love our city and adore Fort Worth, I had never been to the Fort Worth Stockyards! Crazy, I know. I’m really not a cowgirl kind of lady, as cowboy boots and hats aren’t really my style. But being that the Stockyards are historic, this summer it was time. Though it seems a very touristy thing to do…we are folks who totally dig that. We are all about tourist spots, because most of the time it has something that you need to experience at least once. So we had a little staycation on a Sunday afternoon.  We hit up Exchange Street and took in the popular shops and scenery.  But it was all a ruse to find our true goal…the petting zoo!  We got to see some cool little guys and gals, and I fell for a female goat that we named Matilda.  She was one of those animals with a kind soul, just like our little Emory.  We celebrated how fun this was with a stop by the Candy Barrel, and checked in on where the museums are located and even hung out with a cowboy in residence. We also met a horse named Honey, who despite her sweet disposition is a horse, and evidently I’m severely allergic to horse dander.  I kind of got really sick and our afternoon was wrapped up shortly after so I could recover.  All in all despite confirming my horse dander allergy it was quite a summer afternoon in a place that is truly a Fort Worth landmark. Are cowboy boots in our future…say tuned and find out!

P.S. Is it time for pictures? Yes I would say so…