by lostindrawers

Sometimes when you do an outfit post, you have a specific location in mind. Hopefully somewhere where it’s not real crowded, as not to disturb other people. We had a specific location in mind but in transit we passed this elephant statue that was randomly placed outside a business. First of all, I don’t know why it was there as it had nothing to do with this business, and yet I like that it was so randomly placed. Who doesn’t like an elephant? We had to do a guerrilla style photo shoot, which works on occasion and sometimes it doesn’t quite pan out. Well, this time it did not too smoothly as a car came and we split. We kind of have had some run ins with people when shooting and it’s always embarrassing. So we went on to the original spot.

Which brings us back to this outfit post. This is the second time I have owned this dress. The first time was several years ago and it was in a different color and I always loved it..and wore it and wore it. Then I discovered Buffalo Exchange where I can exchange clothing for more clothing. So I did just that. I sold it and didn’t think much about it. UNTIL, we were at Goodwill (again) and as I was going through the racks of dresses…there was my dress! I held it up, and Bo asked me: “Didn’t you have that dress already?”  Yes, yes I had. It came back into my life…and here I was buying it again! Is that a big long story for a dress? Maybe so, but I love this dress…from the cut, to that pattern and the ruffle. So the moral of the story is that if you love something don’t let it go…even if it is just an article of clothing.

An aside, today was 7/11 which means…drumroll please…7/11 Free Slurpee Day! Lets be honest…Bo and I got 3 mini cups apiece. We enjoy a Slurpee beverage and we enjoy yet another start to a summer week in Texas.

P.S. and yes I wore my hair in a bun…..AGAIN…what can I’s Texas and weeks upon weeks of 100 degree weather…you get the picture.


Outfit Post: Dress-Goowill, Vintage shoes-Buffalo Exchange, Belt- Thrifted, Pompom clip-