Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

Now, there are certain things that one wishes would just fit you like a glove, perfectly and glorious. I found this amazing vintage dress hanging on the rack and immediately fell in love. With such a unique pattern, it was obviously handmade by someone with a great eye for style. They put a lot of heart and soul into the making of this dress. As the dressing rooms of our Goodwill close super early, there was no hopes of trying it on. I just hoped for the best, wishing for it to fit me when I got home. Dun dun dun..sadly, it was a little snug. In the words of Bo: “Maybe it was for a short woman?” No, dear husband…it wasn’t made for a short person.  Case in point: A. I am short and B. I’ve got some thighs.

It did fit when I put it on, it even zipped up fully. But sitting down…sitting wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t want to tear the dress, now did I? I have high hopes and dreams for this dress. I so want it to go to a loving home, and find the figure is is suppose to be on.

No matter, here is the outfit post for Thursday! If I could have gotten another lovely lady to model this, I would have without a doubt. But, I leave you with me…hand on hip and all!

ah, thank you and cheers,


Outfit Details: Vintage Dress-Goodwill, Platforms-Blowfish