“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” -Emerson

by lostindrawers

This weekend has been planned for some time, since we found out that the Sea Life Aquarium would be opening in Grapevine at the Grapevine Mills Mall.  We absolutely love the sea, the water, and all sea life.  Being regular visitors to the Dallas World Aquarium, we were interested to see how this new water environment would be like.  We bought tickets online, and arrived ready to see all the fishies! We did take a risk, being that it has been open less than a week, and were informed upon arriving that we would have to wait until our scheduled time.  Despite this weird turn, where the experience seemed more mini Six Flags than aquarium – we got in and navigated the crowds of strollers to check it out.  The aquarium is on two levels, is great for kids and the highlights were the shark tube w/ glass floor, the stingrays & jellyfish, the clown fish exhibit (with the real versions of all the Finding Nemo characters) and the interactive area where you can touch starfish and other creatures.  All in all, it’s an interesting concept despite being attached to a mall, but wait a while to check it out and maybe go during the week instead of the weekend.

The new week is here and our weekend of cupcakes, laundry, thrifting, laundry, welcoming a cousin puppy (Gidget) to Emory, laundry and sea life has come to a close – and in the words of our friend Leo Lewis…it’s time to sail on.

~Heather & Bo