Outfit Post

by lostindrawers

I’ve got to be honest…I may have worn this outfit several days ago. And…then again today it found its way from the closet to my hand.  I don’t usually wear things so close together, but when ya love something…well, you know. I found this polka dot Topshop dress at Goodwill. It was stuck behind some early 90s getup’s and I got a little pitter patter in my heart when I pulled it out as finding Topshop in the south is fairly rare. Moral of the post, always dig when you go to a thrift store. ALWAYS.  Then dig some more.

Are we tired of seeing my hair in a bun, yet? Yeah me too…but it’s Texas which equals hot, hot, heat. In other news, our car’s computer read the heat index at 111 degrees on the ground?   Needless to say the dog days are here in Texas again.  So the answer is to break out the swimsuits and grab the sprinkler and run a few laps in the backyard to get wet and cool off.  A bike ride to dry off and the evening was off and running towards 99 cent milkshakes and twilight.  The dog days did not win this day!

Love and Polka Dot Dreams,