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by lostindrawers

Bo and I have intrigued with blog. I think we have read practically every article on her blog. She asks really good questions for bloggers for consideration for ways to make blogging in today’s culture…well, better. Blogging is something that has become so mainstream that the sheer amount of blogs out there is overwhelming.  A few are awe-inspiring, many are quite lovely, and most are quite good. So what make a blog good or at least relevant?  This was on my mind as I had a conversation with my mom about our blog, and what content we do put on our blog.  Bo and I do put pictures of ourselves and Emory, we do speak about our love of fashion and personal style, we do share our lives through this medium.  At times, it feels like any blog, ours included, could be perceived in such a way that those blogging are narcissistic or self-absorbed.  We hope that the world would see us differently.

We don’t have everything figured out, our daily life does not exist in a bubble of a perfect world, but our life is a progression of us trying to find pockets of sunshine and hope in an increasingly negative, cynical and selfish world.  The fact is that we really love our puppy, are constantly intrigued by our city and cant help but share.  We want to inspire, communicate and show kindness and hope in what this blog archives and presents to the wider world.

And besides, we really only think that our family read this blog.  Then we realize we have our fingers crossed so that more of you lovely readers will make your way here daily, weekly, or whenever you’d like.  We hope you see the honesty in us, and in turn we can all share a little more of what is good and great and true about life as we know it.

We thank Grechen for asking these questions and keeping the Q&A going through her blog! Go check it out!

Heather & Bo