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Month: August, 2011

Fella’s do make passes at Ladies who wear glasses

See that girl, that young nerdy little girl, wearing her round metal frames. I didn’t know any better, but my mother, oh she knew better than to let me wear those glasses. (That first photo was when I was Principal for the day at my elementary school. I read A LOT of books to be able to eat donuts, make the morning announcements, and have the honor of walking  the halls in a sash! ) That was the last time I wore actual eyeglasses.  Thinking back, the last time I had glasses I was in 7th grade, and they broke and I never went back. Well, I finally did it. I purchased glasses after many, many years of contacts. My amazingly nice ophthalmologist scared (i.e. gave me a good talking to) me into ordering a pair because of so much internal pressure on my eyes and the only relief is to give my contacts a needed break.

Turns out, picking out frames when you haven’t had them in years is much harder than it looks. It took me many hours and loads of indecisiveness to finally decide on a pair. First, when I started out I wanted black, which gave way to a nice tortoise shell color and yet, I eventually I chose a grey pair that give me some of both worlds: Drink the Kool-Aid from BonLook who donate a portion of their profits to Helen Keller International.  I debated a lot of looks, colors and brands and in the end…these made me smile and confident that I will a) not break them and, b) I will stay true to my motto of always trusting what makes me smile at first glance.  I am excited for the days ahead, looking for a little box to show up on our doorstep.

Here’s to new beginnings!

P.S. Also, Warby Parker is still on our radar for future frames for Bo, that boy needs a new pair!

Happy Early Birthday to Me

My husband did good…real good.

Free Crappy Portraits

We are Bo, Heather and Emory: a husband/wife and puppy family. Heather loves vintage clothing and flag bunting with a passion, Bo is a writer and loves riding his bicycle, and Emory (our little Pomeranian puppy) is a a huge fan of cheese and bow ties. We adore our lovely city of Fort Worth, Texas. We also love double dipped ice cream cones, our record player, photography and bicycle riding!

What is better than a portrait that you don’t have to draw yourself?  How about a portrait from Free Crappy Portraits?  Why yes please, because life is way to short to take oneself too serious and well, these are just awesome.  It’s just that easy, you give them an image and some keywords, and if you are fortunate…you get yourself your own Free Crappy Portrait. And there is no better way to celebrate Emory’s summer than something that puts a collective smile on the Liles’ household faces.

Good show, indeed.

The Liles

Outfit Post

It’s was a Sunday kind of day today, meaning a classic lunch & time with family, naps and coupon clipping, grocery shopping in an attempt to further eating better and chores galore.  This week is shaping up to be a busy one, with Emory having a follow-up vet visit post-surgery, laundry, dreaming of trips to Cracker Barrel with their magical double fudge Coca-Cola chocolate cake,  picking out eye glasses, cleaning,  and if we can stand to fit it in…the movies.  Needless, to say, a few more hours in each day would be helpful.  But in the words of our friend Leo Lewis…we sail on.

Oh, by the way, this is what I wore.  Since it is an outfit post, of course.  The heat is still so unbearable and we both kind of wish we didn’t have to wear clothes. When it’s this hot, why is that not socially acceptable?  Anyway, I wear these particular shoes too much, I’m wearing a blouse that is probably is suppose to be worn as a bare midriff top but it works for me as I wear my skirts fairly high waisted. Then just add a full pleated skirt and a summer Sunday outfit is born.

Why so serious in these pictures?  I do promise that I am happy, and while we are promising…I promise I do smile with my teeth. I blame the sun and heat, it makes one want to live in an igloo waaaay up north. But we grin and bear it and know that better weathers and prettier days are ahead.  Here’s to a new a week, cheers!


Outfit Description: Blouse-Buffalo Exchange, Vintage Skirt-Waxahachie Antique Mall, Booties-Buffalo Exchange

Up and at ‘Em

First off, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone on the east coast who are facing down Irene and who will need the grace of God to help them in the hours and days to come.  We send you our love and support, so be safe!

It’s amazing how much a Saturday can bring when you find yourself up and out of the house at 9:30am.  Who knew you could wake up, get ready…really get ready, with your husband in a nice shirt that he had time to iron and get out the door to have one’s eyes checked.  It turns out, my poor little eyeballs are swollen and I needed to get new, clear contacts with a new prescription and well, it’s time to add prescription glasses for the weekends.  Good-Bye green eyes! That accomplished and my order in, we found that we had a full day to get so many things accomplished.  We were able to finally run down a perfect gift for our favorite little robot-loving 3 year old birthday girl, Miss Lila Grace (Jennifer & Jason, her cuteness is unmatched!) along with the always needed balloon.  And who doesn’t love robot cake pops?  We sure do.  That made their house very popular with us.  We trolled for some junk and treasures,  eventually scored some $5 shoes for the both of us.  And why did we need shoes?

Because I was wearing this outfit, a vintage blue dress from Buffalo Exchange and heeled ankle boots that evidently need some more breaking in…or just not to be errand running shoes.  A quick detour and cheap cute shoes were found to save the day.  And the bonus was, despite it’s demise, Borders produced Jay Bakker‘s new book Fall To Grace: A Revolution of God, Self & Society as well as another edition of Alice In Wonderland. And all this well before the dinner hour.

A good Saturday indeed.


Outfit Description: Vintage Dress-Buffalo Exchange, Booties-xx1, Catframe Sunglasses-Buffalo Exchange, Red Lip-Revlon Coral

Outfit Post

Back to basics. I believe I have said before how hard it is to find basic clothing items that strike a balance of fashionable and functional.  And it became apparent that I don’t have as many as one might assume. I do love things that I can wear over and over again in addition to wearing them many different ways. Typically, I tend to go for things that I can’t really wear too many times. So, I picked up this simple and pretty olive skirt and with this popcorn sweater I’m trying on my own to usher Fall in. No matter that it was very sheer, in this weather it was still very hot. Speaking of hot, we decided to beat the heat this evening and check out our new H&M in the Dallas area.  Honestly, I was somewhat surprised of the amount of basics they had with standard fits.  H&M often times will have some pieces that are a little more edgy.  But basics are good, and while I can’t really wear the large amount of fall items they had out…it’s good to have them here in town.  But hey, there is a lot of good shopping out there if you are willing to do a little digging.  That’s were the fun is at.


Outfit Description: Sweater-XX1, Olive Skater Skirt-Heritage 81, Booties-XX1, Red Lip- Coral Revlon

Pretty Pretties

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The Swimsuit: A History of Twentieth-Century Fashion- 1950’s

Summer is slowly coming to an end. It’s almost time to put up the bathing suits and pull out our tights and scarves. But before it completely comes to a close, I have a few more eras left in this extremely fascinating book. Maybe to get a little inspiration for next Summer!


The Great Fort Worth Food Truck Race!

Good golly, this city of ours is growing up before our eyes.  In years past, the idea of the food truck was something most residents of our city either ignored or were downright scared of.  The food truck truly is the stepchild of the food service industry, typically only welcome on construction sites and at marginal street fairs.  But thanks to progressive cities nationwide and exposure of the trend of gourmet trucks via food-centric television, there seems to be a developing race of sorts.

Food trucks are in Fort Worth, and more are arriving each day.  Here we present a handy guide where the movement is and a sneek peak to where it is going (and where you should go).

Salsa Limon – Berry St in the TCU district

Great and quite bold location across from Fuzzy’s Tacos on Berry St.  Serving up their take on Mexico’s wonderful fare of street tacos and tortas among other things. Bo claims he could gain 90 wazillion pounds on this cuisine.

 Ssahm Korean Tacos – truly mobile w/ Wednesday stops at Apple off of University Dr

Based on the style made popular in L.A.’s huge food truck scene, Ssahmn is know for their unique creations and is a welcome new addition (Your Wednesday food plans are now set) to the Fort Worth scene.  If you are the type of person who appreciates tradition balanced against innovation, this is your food truck of choice.

Il Cane Rosso – Thursday evenings in front of Times Ten Cellars in so7

We are going to bet you’ve never had or even seen pizza prepared from a trailer, but now you can prove us wrong.  Fort Worth is a haven for wood fired pizza, we both love Rocco’s and Brix and now you can have it on the go when this great pizzeria on wheels. Seriously, do we ever have to cook again?

 Red Jett Sweets – Coming soon!

Okay, Lost In Drawers is all about a sweet treat.  Redd Jett Sweets is adding a truck to their rapidly rising catering business and we could not be more thrilled about this.  Because everyone needs a sweet finish to their taco/burger/hot dog/sandwhich entree.  Well, at least we do.

Taco Heads – Behind 7th Haven off of W. 7th

The first truck to park it on W. 7th (to our knowledge and eyeballs) Taco Heads has a simple menu of super fresh and well-seasoned and spiced street tacos with gourmet preperation.   And thus, their standard has led the way for a lot of what you see happening west of downtown.

Good Karma Kitchen – Coming Soon!

Don’t worry our vegetarian and vegan friends!  Good Karma is almost here to keep your love of fresh vegetarian and vegan satisfied!  Promised to be coming soo, we are really stoked to see true culinary diversity  in a truck not centered just around meat.  We all need more veggies, and what better way than to get it from a truck!

Enticed Gourmet Shaved Ice – various, now including Fort Worth!

Umm, yes please.  This has been a long time coming as shaved ice is the king of all the ice + syrup treats.  Enticed is a Dallas-based operation but Fort Worth’s food truck scene called and Enticed is now heading our way.  It is still hot, so you bet you will want to keep up with their Fort Worth location stops.  Your sense of happiness will thank you.

This by no means is a comprehensive list, Fort Worth has and is getting a lot more trucks than this – a food truck park/meet-up spot is in the works – we hope that, like us, you will get out there and eat mobile!  We hope to catch you in line sometime soon.  We’re sure Bo will debate salsas or how best to cook pork with you…well, until Heather tells him to pipe down and leave the hungry crowd to salivating for all things food trucc cuisine.

Photos courtesy of Google Images

Outfit Post

We got out of the house! It’s a miracle. As they always seem to know exactly what to do, my mom and dad treated us to In-N-Out burgers and shakes. It was their first time trying it and Emory’s first trip out of the house since his procedure.  I love when I get one-on-one time with them the most.  When I get to connect with them I always feel recharged. To break a two day streak, an actual clothing outfit was worn. This sweet little top was a present from my mother dear and from Anthropologie. The navy, pleated skirt is vintage and for something different…I’m wearing leopard print booties (!) from Buffalo Exchange.

This week is a glorious new week. The start to a new school year for many young people. We are quite excited, as we are taking some big steps in a positive direction in regards to some goals we would like to accomplish. Oh, as Bo is fully aware…it’s a few weeks until my birthday (September 7) birthday! Number 27, yikes! I claim it’s my late twenties, although my husband disagrees. Either way, it is both exciting and tad daunting. Here’s to a new day and a new week.


P.S. The solar flares just wouldn’t leave us alone…I mean come one…what is that!

Outfit Details: Shirt-Anthropologie, Vintage Skirt-Goodwilll, Booties-Buffalo Exchange