Granbury City Beach

by lostindrawers

Well, I think it was the Liles’ last summer day at the beach. We have had good times, hot times, and very very sandy times. HA! No, but really…this little city beach at Lake Granbury has been a blessing in this beast of a summer. A nice little oasis to escape to from the city. But that aside, I think we were done as of today, when the sand literally was so hot this afternoon that it gave our feet major blisters, the water was lukewarm and we got a wee bit cranky. It could be said that not everything was sunshine and roses. But no matter…we DID have a lot of fun. We took the last of our beach fun photos, walked the boardwalk, held on to our hats in the wind, swam ate double birthday cake ice cream cones, sundaes and got sand in every area of our bodies. We can’t complain!

We are learning to be who we are created to be and to walk in the path set before us.  This beach season is a lot like the greater themes of life: we face challenges, we make happy memories and in the end…we close a door on a season and step into the future.  In the end, it is all about a little faith and more trust than knowing all the details.

Bo & Heather