Happy 1st Birthday to Dear Emory Liles

by lostindrawers

It’s August 3rd and almost one year ago, we met a special boy. A little puppy hung back from the pack, cocked his head to the side and pitter-pattered his way into our life, our home and our hearts.  Emory is our pride and joy, a constant source of joy and comedy.  Who knew we could fall in love so much with 9 pounds of fluff ball.  We can’t really imagine life before him. The first year was amazing, full of adventure, humor, his eccentric habits and the clear evidence that he is convinced he is human…something we don’t discourage.  He has been our little bright spot in a difficult year, and for that we owe him a lifetime of love and care.

So, here’s to Mister Emory Holden Liles – an amazing little puppy child…may each year be better than the last. Birthday Party pictures to come!

~Heather & Bo