Puppy Birthday Party

by lostindrawers

We know, we know…Emory is a puppy. He isn’t a child, per se as Heather didn’t technically give birth to him. But we love him like he is our own. As Heather is a natural gift giver, around our house we love when people/pets feel loved and special. Going that extra mile to pay attention to the details and throw a good party is a good thing to have happening on a regular basis.  We threw Emory Holden Liles a party for his very 1st birthday!  It was blue and gold and vintage inspired and full of cupcakes for us and a very special birthday cake for him, which he whined for all afternoon!  He got a fun car ride, a new ball and a cruise around Half Price Books to boot.  He is a blessing, an absolute joy, full of life and comedy…and we wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Happy Birthday to our baby boy…may every year be even more special as we walk along together.

P.S. He is very happy.. I think the excitement overwhelmed him…just a tad!